Quick SVN "mergeinfo" Log Inspector

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We use Subversion branches to separate development (dev) and production (trunk) code. Eventually we want to move these features and bug fixes from dev to trunk. I wrote this stupid simple script to figure out which revisions from dev have not been merged into trunk.

#!/usr/bin/env php

$repo  = '[SVN_REPO_URL]';
$dev   = $repo . '/dev/';
$trunk = $repo . '/trunk/';

$revs = shell_exec(sprintf('svn mergeinfo --show-revs eligible %s %s', escapeshellarg($dev), escapeshellarg($trunk)));
$revs = explode(PHP_EOL, str_replace('r', '', trim($revs)));

foreach ($revs as $rev) {
    system(sprintf('svn log -v -r %s %s', escapeshellarg($rev), escapeshellarg($repo)));