Sublime Text 2 Convert?

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This weekend I spent some time tooling around with Sublime Text 2. Coming from Netbeans, I felt pretty liberated when I started to realized the amount of customization and hackability ST2 offered. Sublime Text 2 plugins are written in Python. I've written some Python in the past to code up small utilities and one liners that would have been way more verbose in PHP. Overall the implementing this functionality was pretty easy, would be even easier for a Python guru.

My first order of business was to implement a plugin that I have longed for in Netbeans but never had the sack to attempt. I usually develop/edit files locally and rsync them to a vm. In the past I used the build functionality in Netbeans to execute the rsync script I prepared. I'd prefer this to happen automatically on save.

I'd like to introduce my first ST2 plugin, Sublime Dev Rsync. The gist of the plugin is to run an rsync command for your project triggered by the on_post_save event. You can configure this rsync command per-project using the dev_rsync.json file. Check out the readme in the GitHub repository.

Some of the other things I like about ST2:

  • Much lighter memory footprint
  • Faster start up
  • Use the same editor for editing one-off files as whole projects
  • Community has some great traction
  • Does not require Java
  • Python plugin API
  • Cross-platform (Netbeans is too)


  • Not open source or free ($59)
  • Future could be uncertain, à la TextMate 2
  • Not an IDE. But I think there are some interesting features that ST2 offers that will alleviate the pain of not having an IDE at your fingertips.

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